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Welcome to the KPBSD Bus Stop Locator

What KPBSD school is a student eligible to attend? How can I find a bus route, and available bus stop locations and times?

Use this WebQuery database. Simply enter a street address, then grade level, and click "Go".


  • You must match the street with and address in the database. Less is best when adding street names. If you encounter a difficulty, try entering a partial street name, and then choose from the available options.
  • You do not need to enter the city
  • Do not include terms such as Avenue, Court, Road, Route, Street, and so forth

Example: To search for 523 Pine Avenue, Kenai, Alaska, only enter: 523 Pine. Then choose from the available choices.

For additional help, please contact KPBSD Transportation at (907) 714-8824.

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